Facebook, here we come!

It’s taken me awhile to make a separate page for the Dream Horse Art on Facebook. After all I have The Silk Thread ArtArt Career Experts, Art Student Academy…..um let’s see, Filarsky Brown Art Studio.  So I am busy administrating let alone creating!
BUT I have now done so and it is there you can see my latest posts. There can be a lot because although the site celebrates the HORSE, I have fudged a bit and added portraits that may not actually (gasp) include a horse. But after 25 years of full time portraiture, I can’t leave anyone out!
A few dog portraits
So although I may have traditional people, horse and dog portraits, I also have my abstract horse on both canvas AND silk (well fiber art)!
I am excited to finally feel more organized.
I know we are on the cusp of a New Year and 2017 promises to be as busy and as creative as ever!
Enjoy a few images and right now, for shopping, I am sending you to my Etsy shop!
Happy 2017 everyone!
Three Muses
Horses on Silk