Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It was Right before Christmas....

It was right before Christmas and all through the south,
The storm spread 'round us like a honey tongued mouth,
And breathed in our faces, and toppled large trees,
Snarled up the traffic and came up to our knees,
The shoppers weren't happy, the traveler's not pleased,
This snow wasn't planned, we were all ill at ease.
But not so the children who squealed with delight,
and quickly made snowmen and snowball fights,
They slid down the hills on bags and on sleds,
rolled in the snow and made angel beds,
And while grownups admitted it was a beautiful sight,
the kids already knew and frolicked till night,
So you would think......, we must know by now,
we can't control all things, not what, not how,
All we can do is accept certain things,
And a snow before Christmas is a beautiful thing!

by M Theresa Brown

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Smokey Mountain Labrador

Sandy spent 17 years as a much loved companion to her owners. When she passed they realized that they did not have as many photos as they thought they had. I combined several photos as well as my knowledge of the Labrador retriever breed to create Sandy as they remembered her. Here she is,in this 16 x 20 pastel, smiling and back in a favorite area, hiking through the Smokey Mountains!

Shhhhhh-a Christmas gift for the owner's wife!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pastel Collage of girl and horse

This 20 x 20 " pastel collage of Jennifer and her late horse, Bernie was fun to do! I pretty much had free choice in the photo selection as Bernie had passed away the previous year and Jennifer referred me to her Facebook albums. So although Bernie was a talented jumper, he and Jen were also pals and that is what I wanted to convey!
This is the second portrait I have created for Jennifer. And although it was not a surprise to her, it IS her Christmas present courtesy of her generous aunt!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vintage 1963

Ah one of my favorite things to create-portraits from old photos.
The gentleman pulled out a tiny 2 x 3" black and white photo of his family and I created this 18 x 24" pastel from his color descriptions.
When he first saw it, he cried. We walked into the framing shop and he is like a child at Christmas, already anticipating the look on his wife's face at Christmas. Yes, life is good! And the ability to create and bring joy into someone's life is even better!
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