Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creating the dog portrait

Penny, Mixed Breed Dog Portrait in Pastel
Dog Portraits are popular with my collectors and none so much as my pastel paintings!

This 11" x 14" portrait is a good example of using a pastel medium called PanPastels and it is wielded much like a palette knife.

I love the loose effect that can be achieved!

Notice how I begin? I want those eyes looking at me while I work!
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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Painting a Day "how to" DVD!

Steve Filarsky is my artist/husband and this DVD with World of Art has been a year or so in the making! Now it's ready for shipping! ORDER yours today and find out how to get your Painting a Day going!

NEW DVD! Now some super news:

Steve Filarsky's NEW DVD! "A Painting a Day" Small Paintings for Big Results! Pre-Order yours now!
Steve has a huge following among is collectors for his small oil paintings and in this brand new DVD from the World of Art, he shows you how he accomplishes this in his paintings. Join him and paint 3 paintings in less than 2 hours!

Whether you want to paint for fun with the Painting a Day phenomena or are seriously interested in selling your work in a new venue, this DVD tells all!

Just $24.95 plus 2.95 shipping-Ready to ship now! 




Sunday, February 19, 2012

More on the Bridal portrait

Still working on the Bridal oil in between the other commissions.
I've spent many years working from life and photos and the one thing I know for sure is that photographs are often inaccurate.
New artists think that if they paint verbatim from a photo,  the client will be happy.  Nothing can be further from the truth!

They are both tall but the illusion was that they were the same height from the photo-nope- so we decided to raise her husband (so I am re-doing his face, lol)
I also added length to both subjects. Beautiful full length gowns have a way of shortening the height actually so in this 24 x 36" portrait, I added almost a full inch of "leg" length to my bride and groom...and it works!

Lots of tweaking to do yet but the gist of it all is here and  the next photo of this will be a completed one!

I need to get a move on now as my daughter will be having her baby on Feb 27....amazing how babies are scheduled now a days! So balancing art and real life is part of the job description!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bridal portrait in progress

Creating a bridal portrait in oil is nothing new for me. Creating portraits from very old photos (even tintypes) is not new for me. But to create a bridal from 50 year old photographs is!

In this 24 x 36 oil portrait, the client asked me to use her husband's face from another photos...which I have roughed in. There were numerous small changes to make from the original photos and all very do-able.

At this stage the client has seen it and loves it and I must confess to being relieved as showing a partially completed portrait is always an "iffy" prospect!

Keep an eye out for updates!
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