Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Remember the reason for the season!
Have a festive holiday and may 2009 bring you health, wealth and happiness!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who doesn't love a Labrador? Yellow, Black or Chocolate, these easy going family favorites live up to their goofy reputation! Such was the case with Sawyer and Fred who delighted in having me create their portraits in pastel. OK. Maybe it was the ham biscuit but I know for a fact that their owner was thrilled!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Painting children in gardens in Oils

Little Ashton posed among the hydrangeas bushes outside her home this past summer and I completed this 24 x 30 oil to match the one I created last year of her sister. The vivid blues of the flowers matched the blues in the water of her sister's creek side oil and the parents have redecorated a room to display both oils.

Little girls especially are so engaging in garden settings and although the hydrangeas were not this plentiful nor the brick walkway actually there, an artist can and should take creative liberties to enhance any setting.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blue Ridge adventures

I love a gray horse! This beauty was a commission from the Blowing Rock, NC shows this past August.

Beautiful horse, beautiful mountains and wonderful memories of dirt road adventures. And of course, the Blue Ridge Parkway! Built in the 1930's with young men from FDR's programs, I often marvel at how little has changed on the Parkway. It is like a time capsule. Year after year we, along with thousands of Americans, stop at the overlooks and marvel at the views. For over 70 years, travelers have stopped where we have stopped, looked at what we look at, and continued their journeys down through time. I think of the Blue Ridge Parkway like an Alma Mater, a college campus where ghosts of one's past pop up here and there! Once our stops included little children, then teenagers with camping gear, now they are just the two of us trooping along in our camper and enjoying the sights still! Hey that's what memories are right? Ain't life grand?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ridng on the Beach

Who hasn't dreamed of leaping bareback upon a horse and riding into the surf on a beautiful summer day?

This portrait is from a photo by the client where I changed her outfit into a dress, took away the saddle and changed the whole demeanor of the portrait!

Now that hurricanes and humid days are behind us (we hope) , we can look forward to fall!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A journey of 3000 miles

Yes, it was indeed a journey of 3000 miles! With gas ranging from $3.79-4.05 gallon, our little Honda Fit was packed to the gills with artwork and the usual suitcases! Why? Well we tied in a business trip with a family reunion in Branson, Missouri! Yep. Our trip took us from NC through TN, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky and onward to Missouri, Oklahoma and the journey back. In Lexington, Kentucky we appeared at the book signing at Gallery B of Vicki Moon's new book "Equestrian Style" in which Steve and I have a bit part along with cool photographs of us at work and on the road. You can locate the book at www.Amazon.com.
We also toured the Horse Park-wow what a place! We were sucked into Breyer Fest-another amazing event and were given a private tour of Cobra Farms, the birthplace of Seattle Slew.
Yes, we painted, produced out portfolios and in general had a blast! Good to be home though!

I shipped the above 18 x 24 oil of Sam and Ernie to my client in Pennsylvania right before I left and who says it best but the client?
The portrait of Sam and Ernie is AWESOME! I absolutely love it. It arrived yesterday, and it was put in the front hall immediately. I had 7 people for dinner last night, and everyone adored it. Thank you, so much. It is one of the best things I ever thought to do.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Working artist at a show

There is one thing that I can always say about being at a show and that is that I am productive! UNless I am at an outdoor show where temperatures have soared to over a 100 degrees, I can keep my nose to the grindstone, chat with people and in general, make it a working day!
Sitting in relative cool recently at a show in Roanoke, Va, I was able to complete several pieces for my clients.

The 28 x 32 pastel portrait to the right was created from combined photos of the client's from 2 years ago. The client has seen the digital version but unless they are out of state, I like them to see the "real thing" for any possible changes!

I will post the other artwork later but working at a show increases not only studio time but the delight that people take in seeing a "real artist" (as they say) at work. Until later!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pencil Portraits and Pets

People Love their animals! Pencil portraits are a very popular medium and I create hundreds of these a year!
Of course people are equally as popular, especially in groups, but there is something special about receiving a cameo portrait of a beloved pet.

The shows have been busy and I have not been able to get to the blog but with the advent of some amazingly cool weather that has drifted into NC, well, hard NOT to get motivated on all things!

I am off to teach a few students and return to work on an oil. Will post the results soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jackson Pollock ART FUN!

Grab a child or enjoy this art creation game yourself!
Anytime you pop onto my site, visit the Jackson Pollock box in the lower right corner and spend a few minutes having FUN!
Just use your mouse, create and print!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The formal portrait

People are always amazed at how finished a pastel portrait can look !
This one is the second I have completed for this family and is around 24" x 30" in size. The other portrait was the family's eldest son and was created on the family's back deck. This one took into account the personality and look of the younger son balanced with the portrait ideas of Mom :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keeshond pastel

Prince was loved by his owners for 15 years and they felt his passing keenly. So they approached me for his portrait and we settled on a full body pose of Prince with his trademark "smile."!

Most of my dog portraits are created from client supplied photos via the Internet.
And most are combination images meaning that I work with the best head sot, the best body shot and embellish from a client's memory.

After all, photos are far from accurate! And in the minds of an owner of a beautiful friend, prince still had his magnificent coat and happy look.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Creating dark oils

This 16 x 20 oil portrait was different and I loved it! The dark background is a change from most of what I do and it creates a very Old Masters look.

The client wanted to show that very special relationship between she and her horse and we achieved it!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Family oil with dogs

This 20 x 24 oil is a good example of bringing in all the elements of an early spring day with kids and dogs! It's real life at its best and what better way to remember it than with a lovely OIL portrait?

Look further down for a LARGE family oil with all members of the family present!

Black lab and Mallard duck Pastel

This Pastel is a surprise gift measuring around 14 x 14. I had
digital images of the Lab and additional ones of the Mallard
Combining subjects by sight is the original artist "photoshop!" No computers, no gimmicks, just visually pulling together the images to create a portrait that will be enjoyed for years!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Large family Oils

This one was a challenge! 40" x 80" in size, it was created by adjusting the colors, composition, poses, lighting...you name it and it was done! But the family now has a beautiful portrait of a time in their lives that they will look back fondly and remember! Mom especially will wonder how she was able to juggle it all !
The colors just glow in this oil and the family was delighted!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My client said it best!

Dear Theresa,

People who ride or work with horses can always remember that special horse that stood apart from the rest. It is often due to exceptional talent or confirmation or maybe outstanding bloodlines. Our special horse didn't have any of those characteristics. He was a 24 year old quarter horse with nothing special about his confirmation or his talent. What made him stand apart was his gentle nature and his willingness to do his best and take care of his rider. Charlotte and I have struggled since his death in October. We miss our friend. You can not imagine my surprise when I opened this beautiful portrait on Christmas morning. You captured so completely the sweetness of his face and his wise old eyes. You also captured perfectly the face of a little girl who thought he was just about the best friend anyone could have in life. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job. I will treasure it always.

K Yarbrough

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