Mother Nature’s Colors in eco-printing on silk

Close up of vegetable plants on silkDetail of an eco-scarf.
So painting on canvas is not the only thing I "paint."
Enter my silk scarves (which can be found on

My last “batch” before leaving for a trip to Oregon earlier this month.  Grinding, then boiling cochineal bugs and laying out plants on silk, I worked on about a dozen eco-printed silk scarves as well as some silk noil.

Laying out the plants
Laying out the plants

Cochineal extract
And the results? Oh my, what fun! :-)
Collage of Mother Nature’s colors
Detail of an eco-scarf.

Cochineal extract
cochineal bug extract

Close up of vegetable plants on silk
Bella watching the silk dry.

  Almost 3 weeks in the Pacific northwest and I could not leave without expanding my collection of leaf matter.  Check out the monster Big Leaf maple.  The weather promises to break, the snow is melting and the sun will make it possible for me to create more of Mother Nature’s Art :-)
Big leaf maple
Big Leaf maple
Pacific northwest oak leaves
Pacific northwest oak leaves