Saturday, March 29, 2008

Creating dark oils

This 16 x 20 oil portrait was different and I loved it! The dark background is a change from most of what I do and it creates a very Old Masters look.

The client wanted to show that very special relationship between she and her horse and we achieved it!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Family oil with dogs

This 20 x 24 oil is a good example of bringing in all the elements of an early spring day with kids and dogs! It's real life at its best and what better way to remember it than with a lovely OIL portrait?

Look further down for a LARGE family oil with all members of the family present!

Black lab and Mallard duck Pastel

This Pastel is a surprise gift measuring around 14 x 14. I had
digital images of the Lab and additional ones of the Mallard
Combining subjects by sight is the original artist "photoshop!" No computers, no gimmicks, just visually pulling together the images to create a portrait that will be enjoyed for years!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Large family Oils

This one was a challenge! 40" x 80" in size, it was created by adjusting the colors, composition, poses, name it and it was done! But the family now has a beautiful portrait of a time in their lives that they will look back fondly and remember! Mom especially will wonder how she was able to juggle it all !
The colors just glow in this oil and the family was delighted!
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