Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Time Travel through client's portraits

I have painted portraits for a long time now and in doing so, I watch my clients and their children grow up in front of me! I am always honored when they come back for new portraits of new family members and second and third generations!

One such example is  "Will" age 3. A 24" x 36" oil.  

The fun part? 
Scroll down and see the new 30" x 40" oil of Will at age 16 that I will be delivering later this week! I love my job!

Oil of Will. 24 x 36 by M Theresa Brown 1999

"Will" 30 x 40 oil by M Theresa Brown 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Renovation Cabin and the Creative process

Evening Painting classes that I am teaching at the local community college (Vance Granville) started Jan 12. Four newcomers came with no supplies but I managed to put oil pastels and paper to good use in an Op Art exercise that always inspires participants :-) So they were happy campers. With a break for MLK day, classes will resume Jan 27 with the everyone bringing paint and canvases!

Below is my Jan 14 post Renovation Cabin and the Creative process that got lost in the shuffle of slow Internet and things to do :-)

Renovation cabin and the creative process!

The recent extreme cold has really slowed  down the cabin renovations! It's hard to put up sheetrock when you can't feel your nose..BUT we managed to get the ceiling done with help from our son who was visiting (haha no one is coming by all of a sudden!) and the longest wall (the other side has cabinets)

The other side was just hubby and I with a little hep from our four egged friends who are always delighted to find their humans down at their level!

And today? Outside lights are going up before the rain and sleet come back in a day or so!

sheetrock the longest wall-done!

Getting some help
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