Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Art 2

And the Christmas surprises continue!  I also have added a few of the abstract paintings that were sold.
"Storm Watch" 24 x 36 (sold)

"Olivia and her Horses" pastel 16 x 18

"Child with Standard Poodle" 14 x 17 pastel

30 x 60 mixed media "Race for the Triple Crown" (sold)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Christmas surprises! Blog 1

Williams portrait. Pastel 11 x 14

NOW, I can post a few images from our frantic month of December! So many collectors, so many hours...and I wouldn't have it any other way :-) On this page are just a few of the many...a good way to see the diversity! All portraits are different!

Mia, 16 x 20 pastel

Lydia 9 x 12 pastel
Ernie's Dad 16 x 29 Pastel

Saunders children 9 x 12 pencils

Ramsey Terriers, 11 x 14 pastel
Mixed breed portrait-Pastel 9 x 12

Yellow Labs of D. Perry 14 x 16 pastel

"Bubba" Chocolate Lab, Pastel collage 16 x 18

"R & M Drafty Achers" 14 x 24 pastel of mini team

Yellow Lab, pastel 9 x 12

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A girl and her mule

I loved meeting this family in October and photographing their daughter and her beautiful mule, Fancy! From that came my 24" x 26" oil portrait with their barn in the background. I didn't need to go to Florida in order to photograph their barn; her mom had an image on her cell phone. (ah, modern day wonders!) An earlier post had the painting in progress but now you can see the finished oil!

Morgan was showing Fancy and there is one thing about competitive showmanship classes-in that world there is just one correct way to present your animal!
Morgan with her mule, Fancy. 24" x 36" oil portrait

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