Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abstract catch up

We have been crazy busy and I was pretty surprised to see that almost 6 weeks had gone by since my last post!  Art classes, many commissions, shows...then it caught up with us around Thanksgiving and we both were zapped with some hacking, sore throat crud that we are still coming out from under!  But that's real life, whether you are an artist or a regular Joe :-)

Celebration of the Horse 12 x 24

Star Streams16 x 20

Heaven's Gate 16 x 20

Storm Watch 24 x 36
 4 of my abstracts sold recently and it was a lot of fun to see them go off with happy collectors :-) 

Now I am concentrating on my portraits and . delighted to have many to do!

I'll post completed, non-gift ones in the next few days. We have to be careful what goes up this time of year!
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