Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cameo Portraits

This lovely young lady was created with a new type of pastel called PanPastels and the pastel is applied...get this...with sponges! 

However, not being one to turn down a challenge, I persevered...and here is one completed image. I love the colors that can be obtained...there is a learning curve with using a utensil rather than the pastel stick itself and not all the colors are available but all in all I was very pleased, as was the client, with the end results!

My cameo pastels of one subject are created on an acid free 9 x 12 surface.  This charming young lady has a lovely, big smile in which both  her upper and lower teeth can be seen :-) In cases like that, in which her natural tendency is to smile, a portrait created from an angle solves the problem!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welsh Springer Spaniel Pastel Portrait

A beautiful Welsh Springer Spaniel who arrived at my Studio for his portrait photography session. He approached things cautiously at first but when he saw the goats? Well, he lost all interest in anything but them!
This talented young dog is on his way to his championship but prefers the Agility training competition that he and his owner go to.

This cameo pastel is a 9 x 12 and created by M Theresa Brown on PastelMat by applying the containers of pastel with sponges. I Love the effect!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Portraying the Mixed breed dog

Penny is a mixed breed rescue dog who is fortunate indeed to be rescued from the local shelter and into the arms of her loving owner!

This 9 x 12 cameo pastel portrait was created by M Theresa Brown on Pastel Mat using Pan Pastels. There's almost a watercolor feel to it!

The journey from the actual portrait to the steps in between to make it to this page always seems to dull the vividness of the actual colors but enjoy! The owner was delighted with her portrait-one of four that I created for her recently!

M Theresa Brown

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intuitive Oil Paintings

The beauty of commissioned art is that it is personal. "Custom made" is a phrase used over and over but when applied to a commissioned art piece, the painting truly becomes a part of the history, likes and desires of the client!
This large 30 x 40 oil portrait is the second that I have created for this client. Her family is indeed her beautiful animals and on a very personal note, the Golden Retriever on her far left was her beloved Bailey who passed several years ago. Originally I was going to include Bailey in the distant background but as I progressed work on the oil, the painting seemed to call for a more definitive view of the old dog. Sometimes, as an artist, that is how I work...I go with an intuitive feeling! I did not consult the client. I have discovered over many years of portraiture that envisioning a change is difficult for most clients. Part of the artist mystique and its progress is to anticipate the unveiling of a painting-not see it all laid out beforehand in Photoshop! Was she pleased? Oh my yes! Intuitive painting is what it's all about!
M Theresa Brown
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to the world!

Well here I am with my daughter and her new baby, Molly who came into his world August 25 via C-section (ouch) and weighed her mom down by 7 lb 14 oz!

Ain't life grand?  :-)
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