Monday, April 27, 2009

Single Moms Guide to Making Money as an Artist!

I AM proud of this one! Real help, real facts and real solutions for the Single Moms who can paint OR sew! Only someone who has been there can appreciate the challenges that this (usually) unplanned position in life holds!

I have included an excerpt from the book below:

Single moms with children. They are everywhere. They are every age, every race and in every economic niche.

But they all struggle to make ends meet!

No matter how much you earn, it is never enough! And if you are fortunate enough to receive child support to help with those bills, it is doesn't go far enough!

In these tough economic times, single moms who are raising their children alone need all the help they can get! It seems as though every waking moment is spent with work, children, debts...who has time to have a life let alone be an artist?

But if you can paint or craft, you can add substantially to your income without investing a lot of money in the process! How do I know? I have been there!

These are ebooks which means they can be purchased and downloaded immediately!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New ebook! Art Marketing Success Secrets!

Well, we finally did it! All those years and all those artists asking us how we do it!
Steve and I stopped long enough to pull together a remarkable art marketing book that is a combination of our experiences and successes (and failures) as artists who create their art for a living!

It was certainly the road less traveled!
Here is an excerpt from the beginning pages:

.............We hear it all the time! You would give anything to make a living at something you love! But how do you overcome your fear of the unknown?

Whenever you told people about your dreams to make a living at your art, what was their reaction? Did they laugh?

Did they tell you stories about starving artists and wealthy dead artists? Maybe they told you that you weren't good enough? Or did they tell you that artists can't run a business?

Now, we're not sure who decided that artists could not sell. That is a new concept as artists have sold their art and crafts throughout history!

We're not sure why the Art Communities in general came up with the idea that artists "should" not have to market their art.

We're not sure when the phrase "starving artist" was first used. But the damage was done long enough ago that it has become a standard assumption that ALL artists are starving!.........

Doesn't that ring a bell? Drop into and read more about our new ebook. You can order a CD or download instantly from the Internet!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pioneer Town, California

I had to include this view from near Palm Springs, Ca. Pioneer Town was where many of the background scenes in westerns from the 1940's-1970's were filmed (I was told) Can't you just see High Chaparral or the Virginian or a Clint Eastwood movie in this view?
Part of the scenery was the odd looking Joshua Trees.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Indian wells California

This is the view that we saw leaving the show each day. It was held at the Indian Wells Tennis grounds. The stadium is located to the left in this photo.

Indian Wells Art show California

This is a shot of my booth at the show. Gorgeous weather with the exception of the first day when the wind came through the pass and those EZ up tents went sprawling...maybe flying would be a better word! Some of the vendors, unfortunately lost a lot of their art.

Notice the bungie cords on a few of the paitings!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Albuquerque New Mexico SNOW

Yes, on the morning of the 3rd day of travel, we awoke to snow in Albuquerque!
Now we had been told that Palm Springs was would be in the 80's, but we had l uckily brought along a few jackets.
Now we know that late March on Interstate 40 can bring surprises. It seems that the Interstate had been closed the day before in Amarillo TX because of a blizzard! So we stayed in Haskell OK with friends while waiting for the day to warm!

On the Road Again....

Amazing landscapes to two artists from the East! We are in Indio, CA but the 4 day cross country road trip has been an adventure! From closed Interstate 40 due to blizzards to the sunny warm landscapes of the moon!
We'll post a few more photos. Essentially we headed west from NC through TN, OK, TX, NM, AZ and into California!
We CANNOT imagine doing this by ox and cart! Wow what fortitude our ancestors had!
Incredible scenery as we journeyed through rain, fog, snow, sun and the continual winds.....
This photo is on Rt 62 in California. No more 4 lanes!
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