Sunday, July 20, 2008

A journey of 3000 miles

Yes, it was indeed a journey of 3000 miles! With gas ranging from $3.79-4.05 gallon, our little Honda Fit was packed to the gills with artwork and the usual suitcases! Why? Well we tied in a business trip with a family reunion in Branson, Missouri! Yep. Our trip took us from NC through TN, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky and onward to Missouri, Oklahoma and the journey back. In Lexington, Kentucky we appeared at the book signing at Gallery B of Vicki Moon's new book "Equestrian Style" in which Steve and I have a bit part along with cool photographs of us at work and on the road. You can locate the book at
We also toured the Horse Park-wow what a place! We were sucked into Breyer Fest-another amazing event and were given a private tour of Cobra Farms, the birthplace of Seattle Slew.
Yes, we painted, produced out portfolios and in general had a blast! Good to be home though!

I shipped the above 18 x 24 oil of Sam and Ernie to my client in Pennsylvania right before I left and who says it best but the client?
The portrait of Sam and Ernie is AWESOME! I absolutely love it. It arrived yesterday, and it was put in the front hall immediately. I had 7 people for dinner last night, and everyone adored it. Thank you, so much. It is one of the best things I ever thought to do.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Working artist at a show

There is one thing that I can always say about being at a show and that is that I am productive! UNless I am at an outdoor show where temperatures have soared to over a 100 degrees, I can keep my nose to the grindstone, chat with people and in general, make it a working day!
Sitting in relative cool recently at a show in Roanoke, Va, I was able to complete several pieces for my clients.

The 28 x 32 pastel portrait to the right was created from combined photos of the client's from 2 years ago. The client has seen the digital version but unless they are out of state, I like them to see the "real thing" for any possible changes!

I will post the other artwork later but working at a show increases not only studio time but the delight that people take in seeing a "real artist" (as they say) at work. Until later!

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