Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The timeless appeal of babies

Molly giving hugs. Pastel: 10 x 12
In the long world of art there has never been a subject more appealing than babies unless it was mother and baby images (think Bible)
So when the opportunity comes to create a pastel portrait from an adorable photo, what artist can resist?

1 year old Baby Molly had just given her mother the "Barney hug" when her mom snapped this charming image with her cell phone (who would have thought) and I created a 10 x 12 pastel portrait of the image to capture that moment in a timeless manner!

Now who wouldn't love Barney as well?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Putting Art to use on a Quilt Trail

Steve and Theresa with the first Quilt Block east of the NC mountains
Art takes on many forms and our most recent project is celebrating the art and history of quilting. What better way to combine art  for the masses than by establishing a Quilt Trail. Popular in over 30 states and several Canadian Provinces they offer numerous entrepreneurial opportunities for artists and businesses! And in a country that has become way too dependent on government handouts, we're all about promoting self sufficiency. :-)
It's a huge amount of work but as we're proponents of  the "roll up your shirtsleeves and start" school of thinking, we simply.....started. :-) So here is the first Quilt block-a 4'x 4' block constructed of MDO sign board and framed in 2 x 4's by a volunteer and hand painted by Steve. A substantial of our research comes from the best (and we don't see a need to re-invent the wheel!) Barbara Webster-founder and director of the western NC Quilt Trail.

This pattern is called "Card Trick" and the building it is now attached to (the Franklin Country Arts Council building) was originally home to a group of bridge players! Plans are to have approximately 200 throughout the county.
A fun change from structured painting!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The beauty of GREY

Waiting for the Class
I love to create portraits for my clients and this gorgeous Grey is no exception!

I photographed him, per her request, at one of the shows and later created this 18 x 24 pastel based on a selection from the group.

You simply have to know horses to know what photos are the best to work from and which are not :-)

The tiny roan flecks are difficult to see in the image but are more obvious in the actual piece!

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