Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas! Onwards 2008!

Well, for an artist business that works solely on commission, 2007 has been a busy and rewarding year. Rewarding financially and rewarding in the knowledge of the joy that I create with my art for both me and for my clients!
The activities of the season have been a combination of mother passed away this year with me at her side and as I walked away from the hospital in those dark, early morning hours last February, I knew that another era had passed. So this Christmas, I find myself thinking "She would like this" or "She needs this" and just as suddenly making the connection that it didn't matter this year...but I shake off the doldrums, for with every sad thought is the reality of people delighted with what I have created for them. Today O know that my clients excitedly await the "reveal" of a Christmas Eve or morning portrait. I love it!
And with that thought I wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone! And let's make 2008 a year for dreams to come true!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Pastels, horses and more

Hope Thanksgiving was good for everyone! We've been busy with the Fall shows and now of course, Christmas!

included some recent portraits in this post.
This lovely young lady and her mount posed for me at the UNC shows in Raleigh NC so I could create this pastel for her family!
The challenge is creating the colors of a clipped horse (in this case, a dun) with the range of colors available in pastels. Oils can be mixed but pastels must be lightly layered to come close to the necessary colors :-).

Both of the dog portraits were created from photos supplied by the owners. It is always satisfying to create something for posterity. Both animals had passed away and these will be gifts!
Stay tuned for more Christmas portraits!

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