Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blue Ridge adventures

I love a gray horse! This beauty was a commission from the Blowing Rock, NC shows this past August.

Beautiful horse, beautiful mountains and wonderful memories of dirt road adventures. And of course, the Blue Ridge Parkway! Built in the 1930's with young men from FDR's programs, I often marvel at how little has changed on the Parkway. It is like a time capsule. Year after year we, along with thousands of Americans, stop at the overlooks and marvel at the views. For over 70 years, travelers have stopped where we have stopped, looked at what we look at, and continued their journeys down through time. I think of the Blue Ridge Parkway like an Alma Mater, a college campus where ghosts of one's past pop up here and there! Once our stops included little children, then teenagers with camping gear, now they are just the two of us trooping along in our camper and enjoying the sights still! Hey that's what memories are right? Ain't life grand?
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