Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pastel Portrait Special! Ends Sept 1!

I am so pleased to be able to offer this again to my collectors and newcomers!
You asked and it's back! This is my 4th annual Pastel Special!  It ends Sept 1 or before when the available number is reached.

This is my popular pastel portrait special that I offer each year about this time, to my collectors, old and new, prior to my Christmas portrait rush! Thanks to my wonderful clients, I have created fine art portraits of all sizes in oils, pastels, pencil and watercolor for 25 years! The past few years I have been giving back by offering a special opportunity for you to have one (or more) of my small (cameo) pastel portraits of or for someone special in your life. You would normally invest $275.00 for my pastels of this size. For the Special, each portrait is just $95.00! Pastels are beautifully soft, pure pigment and once framed, your portrait will last for generations!

The details:
To get an idea of what others have ordered for their Pastel Special, take a look at the portrait examples All are 9 x 12 pastel portraits created by me from your best "head and shoulder" photos of your subject.
You may order as many portraits as you wish but each portrait will have only ONE subject in it. The available number of portraits is limited! So if you have 3 children, or 2 dogs, or a child and horse, you will be ordering 3 or 2 individual portraits.
Framing in not included. Shipping is additional and very reasonable. Complete instructions for framing are included in every carefully wrapped package. You may also arrange for pick up of your portrait upon my completion in the Raleigh NC area!

How to order your portrait!
1.Click on the number of portraits that you wish. Total number is limited. Etsy will notify me.

2. Email your best photos to me at ipaintportraits [!at] aol.com. Label each photo (you can send more than one of your subject and I will help you select the best portrait photo!) so I know who is who.
You may send old photos, recent photos, even black and white.

4. Upon completion, I will send you a digital of the finished portrait prior to shipping or pick up. Relax, I've done this for 25 years! If you feel something needs tweaking, no problem-it's YOUR portrait!

Unless I have questions, I will create your portrait within a 1-3 week time period! Because I work on the smaller portraits while also working on my large portraits, I find it easier to complete the cameos in the order in which I receive them :-) See my website at MTheresaBrown.com or find me (same name) on Facebook!

My Pastel Special allows you to give the ultimate gift to either yourself or a friend! Special ends Sept 1

Thank you so much!-Theresa

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The most often painted breed of dog? Labradors!

Face it. People love their Labrador Retrievers! Black, yellow or chocolate, they love them.They live with them, sleep with them, play with them and enjoy them! So perhaps it is no surprise when I share with you that Labs are the dogs that I create the most portraits of.
Enjoy a few recent ones that I have done!
Bailey 14 x 18 pastel

The Perry labs
Another "Perry" lab
Page Labs 24 x 30 oil

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Painting silk


So if you think that an artist just paints, well you might be surprised :-)
The fun of an Artsy Journey is just that: it's fun! For the past few months I've enjoyed various forms of silk painting with more or less a YouTube education. That in itself is another story, but I have played with some pretty basic tools to the more traditional dyes used by the professionals and have just scratched the surface. I think I know now,  how my painting students who come to me and say "I know nothing about painting" feel. :-)

Special markers on white silk scarves
So anyway I've played with resists, different dyes, washing, ironing...wow more work than a portrait!  You never know what I'll create next-keep watching!
Dyed with abstracts drawn by hand onto the scarf
Stretched, silver resist and hand drawn and painted
Same horses but with background dye added and silk salt for texture
Silk scarf embellished

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painting Kids and Horses

There is nothing cuter than small children and their ponies forever that way in an oil painting!

And there is nothing quite as challenging as going back a year in photos and narrowing down 120 digital images (and not so great) to create one cohesive painting!
I do this the old fashioned way-no computer art, no photoshop, no sending it off to China...just a large sheet of paper, sharp pencils and lots of erasers! I work out the composition and placement and subjects until I am happy, flip over the 30 x 40 sheet of paper and cover the back with charcoal. Then I flip it back, tape it to the canvas and proceed to outline my original drawing in order to transfer the drawing to the canvas. Then, I paint!

At this beginning stage it is important that even the rough likenesses be "close". For some reason that makes everything come together easier and faster. Details are last! You can see the charcoal of what is coming (as in background and 4 dogs) and get a feel for it with these images taken on the easel in the studio.

So follow along a bit here and eventually there will be a completed memory in oil!

Starting to paint, roughing in the likenesses

Adding second child. There are 4 dogs to go!

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