Saturday, August 17, 2013

Painting silk


So if you think that an artist just paints, well you might be surprised :-)
The fun of an Artsy Journey is just that: it's fun! For the past few months I've enjoyed various forms of silk painting with more or less a YouTube education. That in itself is another story, but I have played with some pretty basic tools to the more traditional dyes used by the professionals and have just scratched the surface. I think I know now,  how my painting students who come to me and say "I know nothing about painting" feel. :-)

Special markers on white silk scarves
So anyway I've played with resists, different dyes, washing, more work than a portrait!  You never know what I'll create next-keep watching!
Dyed with abstracts drawn by hand onto the scarf
Stretched, silver resist and hand drawn and painted
Same horses but with background dye added and silk salt for texture
Silk scarf embellished

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