Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painting Kids and Horses

There is nothing cuter than small children and their ponies forever that way in an oil painting!

And there is nothing quite as challenging as going back a year in photos and narrowing down 120 digital images (and not so great) to create one cohesive painting!
I do this the old fashioned way-no computer art, no photoshop, no sending it off to China...just a large sheet of paper, sharp pencils and lots of erasers! I work out the composition and placement and subjects until I am happy, flip over the 30 x 40 sheet of paper and cover the back with charcoal. Then I flip it back, tape it to the canvas and proceed to outline my original drawing in order to transfer the drawing to the canvas. Then, I paint!

At this beginning stage it is important that even the rough likenesses be "close". For some reason that makes everything come together easier and faster. Details are last! You can see the charcoal of what is coming (as in background and 4 dogs) and get a feel for it with these images taken on the easel in the studio.

So follow along a bit here and eventually there will be a completed memory in oil!

Starting to paint, roughing in the likenesses

Adding second child. There are 4 dogs to go!

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