Monday, October 4, 2010

Helping the Rescue Dogs

When the call came out for Steve and I to help with a calendar for Danny and Ron's Rescue organization that we support, we were "doggone happy" to oblige :-)

It is hard to believe that two men who work full time jobs have been so influential in the lives of thousands of homeless dogs in so short a period of time! Visit their link above to read the complete story.

I was provided a photo of one of their success stories-a little miniature Australian Shepherd, and created the calendar sized image using pastels. Steve created two paintings.

Even if you cannot add another dog to your family (we have 5), take the time to visit the Rescue Organization's website  and donate to a cause where 100% of your donation is used for its actual purpose!
No salaries, no politics, just good old fashioned "rolling up the shirtsleeves" and getting the job done!   And look for the calendar-out soon!

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