Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Figuring out your painting sizes

Of all the areas a client has trouble visualizing, it is the size of a portrait that stumps many of them. These photos of finished artwork hanging in a home can be amazingly helpful when your current clients are trying to determine a size! Steve drove to her home to deliver and hang the portrait. Even at 6'6", on a little wooden stepladder, it was a stretch! Roxanne, our client, kindly moved everything out of the TV console so it could be more easily pushed away from the wall.

These 30 x 40 oils for example were created 5 years apart. Hanging in our booth at a show, framed and ready to go, an oil this size looks large! Displayed in its final destination, it could actually have gone larger!

When creating artwork for a client and when sizes are discussed, it helps to have some images of a completed portraits or paintings in their settings to help the client visualize a work of a particular size in their own home!

In all the years we have been creating paintings, we have never had a client wish that their final portrait had been smaller. But we have had them wish that they had gone larger!
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