Monday, April 27, 2009

Single Moms Guide to Making Money as an Artist!

I AM proud of this one! Real help, real facts and real solutions for the Single Moms who can paint OR sew! Only someone who has been there can appreciate the challenges that this (usually) unplanned position in life holds!

I have included an excerpt from the book below:

Single moms with children. They are everywhere. They are every age, every race and in every economic niche.

But they all struggle to make ends meet!

No matter how much you earn, it is never enough! And if you are fortunate enough to receive child support to help with those bills, it is doesn't go far enough!

In these tough economic times, single moms who are raising their children alone need all the help they can get! It seems as though every waking moment is spent with work, children, debts...who has time to have a life let alone be an artist?

But if you can paint or craft, you can add substantially to your income without investing a lot of money in the process! How do I know? I have been there!

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