Thursday, April 23, 2009

New ebook! Art Marketing Success Secrets!

Well, we finally did it! All those years and all those artists asking us how we do it!
Steve and I stopped long enough to pull together a remarkable art marketing book that is a combination of our experiences and successes (and failures) as artists who create their art for a living!

It was certainly the road less traveled!
Here is an excerpt from the beginning pages:

.............We hear it all the time! You would give anything to make a living at something you love! But how do you overcome your fear of the unknown?

Whenever you told people about your dreams to make a living at your art, what was their reaction? Did they laugh?

Did they tell you stories about starving artists and wealthy dead artists? Maybe they told you that you weren't good enough? Or did they tell you that artists can't run a business?

Now, we're not sure who decided that artists could not sell. That is a new concept as artists have sold their art and crafts throughout history!

We're not sure why the Art Communities in general came up with the idea that artists "should" not have to market their art.

We're not sure when the phrase "starving artist" was first used. But the damage was done long enough ago that it has become a standard assumption that ALL artists are starving!.........

Doesn't that ring a bell? Drop into and read more about our new ebook. You can order a CD or download instantly from the Internet!

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