Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indian Wells, CA here we come! (well almost)

There is nothing colder than a wet, gloomy day in North Carolina on a cold March morning (unless it is the Fall!)

But the dreariness does not stop us from getting our lists down to the wire.....Steve loaded the van yesterday with the portraits. Today is the final Paintings, the wall displays are in. Let's see, a few pillows, the portable coffee, the pastels, the easels, the clothes.....a lo-o-o-ong list!

At this art festival we are renting the tents and tables. Far more cost effective than hauling two Craft Huts and their weights across the country. I am finalyzing one pastel and hope to ship later today. Shipped the large pastel on the right on Tuesday to its new owner in FL. There is always SO much to get ready! Lists are critical.

5 dogs are getting worried. They know something is up and they' re not happy but no one is coming on this trip! We aren't pulling the camper this time and I know as we get closer to the desert regions, it will get warmer. There is nothing worse than traveling with a pet in hot weather!
Then again, I have to keep reminding myself that it WILL be hot. Just as heading down to Florida last month from a snowey NC (and returning to one!) presented a mindset challenge (it was hard NOT to pack a coat) so will our trip across the country.
I guess we are really!

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