Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family oil of boys and their pets

What a delightful experience it has been to work with the Faykus brothers! Their joy of life and their home in the country pours into their everyday attitude and being! Although their 30 x 40 oil is not quite done,I have had the family live with their portrait for a few weeks to get a feel for the overall impact. So just a few tweaks to do here and there and this beautiful moment in time is theirs forever!
Originally I photographed the boys and their huge Newfoundland and mellow Golden Retriever (and Siamese) in the late fall.

I created a more springtime look to the portrait and although everything is pulled together to create one cohesive look, the viewer can't tell that I used many reference photos!

But in this scene it is all about the exuberance of childhood! The rough and tumble relationships between brothers. The family pets involved with their young masters. And the growing up with an emphasis on being outside in all weather. It is an opportunity for growth and discovery at its most basic level!

I look forward to the final unveiling!

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