Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday creativity

The packing, shipping and creativity continues on this dark, dreary, rainy day! The storms that have hit the midwest are rain events for us and that is good news on this Thanksgiving week! Not such good news for those caught in snow and ice and airlines schedules.
Our little Corgi, Rosie ate a ham bone and is now at the vet's undergoing a hydration therapy to see if it will work rather than surgery. So although I am making food for the big day, my thoughts are very much with a shortlegged dog!

We are finally finished with the shows at the Hunt complex!
Long days and some interesting temperature fluctuations made for a few tough days but that comes with the territory!

Sections of our booth the past two months!
We love to be face to face with people and that makes any phone or Internet contact more personal as we've met-makes a big difference!

A few more portraits coming soon-some I cannot show as there is always that possibility that someone may see their Christmas gift!


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