Monday, May 27, 2013

Making your own linseed oil

Flaxseed oil ripening
So sitting on the kitchen window and now outside on a bench in full sun are these quart size jars full of 100% pure flaxseed oil.
The whole process of turning flaxseed into linseed oil is a 3 month process which I have left mainly up to artist hubby, Steve Filarsky, to process (he loves that kind of stuff) He researched some old formulas and the smaller batches have been the most amazing linseed oil on the planet!
The luminosity from what we create vs store bought is stunning and that means, our oil paintings have an extra glow about them! Yes-linseed oil is an ancient time honored medium mixed into the oil paints or used as a final varnish. No yellow here!  There is something timeless and satisfying in making your own mediums and glazes and being involved with that part of the painting process. A full circle! 

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