Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Abstracting Realism

Theresa's 30 x 60 "Racing for the Triple Crown"
Of course I love to create my portraits! I've been doing it a long time!

But this journey into "Abstracting Realism" is merging what I see, know and have experienced into a unique world and takes a lot of energy! With the large paintings especially.......I feel the energy, use the energy, tap into the energy and when I am finally done, feel a little...drained :-) Yep, that's the word. Sounds dramatic, but that's the way it happens. Latest Abstract Realism painting above is a 30 x 60 in size.

1 comment:

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Gorgeous! I can definitely feel the energy, but also love the color in this painting.

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