Sunday, April 1, 2012

Painting on glass, wood, fabric

 When Burning Oak Studio called me to demonstrate the Turner Acryl Gouache, I didn't hesitate to show off this cool art product!

I have to laugh because so many of my art friends "sort of" know what  gouache is but since no one can even easily spell it...... this DVD should be a great introduction piece to this very old medium with the new twist :-)

By the way it is more popular than acrylic paint in Japan where it is manufactured and where it is used liberally in the Manga and Anime art format. 

In my "Single Moms Guide to Making Money as an Artist" I offer a number of ways to make money with your art involving fabric, different painting surfaces...and they work!

You can purchase the DVD at Jerrysartarama or on our website!

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