Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy at Christmas but Art from the Heart!

How can being busy and having too much business be commented on without sounding like a complaint? In the world of self employment you "cut hay while the sun shines" and that is exactly what happens during this crunch time. And I love it! I am a deadline artist. Give me a deadline and you have it. Don't give me a deadline and I turn into one of those "need to wait until I am motivated" artists.
Pastel by M Theresa Brown
So deadlines,with me, work!

This charming mixed breed dog passed recently. Friends of the owner came to me with two photos in which I combined the "head" in one and the "body" in another, to create this 14 x 14 pastel portrait. As a Christmas present from the group of friends to the dog's owner, it will be unforgettable! And this is really what giving gifts at Christmas should be all about. Gifts from the heart.
So how can many orders be too many with all these beautiful emotions attached? It's not.

Christmas is a time for thanking my clients for the orders and Thanking God for making it all possible!

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