Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intuitive Oil Paintings

The beauty of commissioned art is that it is personal. "Custom made" is a phrase used over and over but when applied to a commissioned art piece, the painting truly becomes a part of the history, likes and desires of the client!
This large 30 x 40 oil portrait is the second that I have created for this client. Her family is indeed her beautiful animals and on a very personal note, the Golden Retriever on her far left was her beloved Bailey who passed several years ago. Originally I was going to include Bailey in the distant background but as I progressed work on the oil, the painting seemed to call for a more definitive view of the old dog. Sometimes, as an artist, that is how I work...I go with an intuitive feeling! I did not consult the client. I have discovered over many years of portraiture that envisioning a change is difficult for most clients. Part of the artist mystique and its progress is to anticipate the unveiling of a painting-not see it all laid out beforehand in Photoshop! Was she pleased? Oh my yes! Intuitive painting is what it's all about!
M Theresa Brown
The Portraits: www.MTheresaBrown.com

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