Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Tribute to our Family Dog, Jesse

Our 16 year old, deaf, family dog, Jesse snuck out of the gate 3 weeks ago on that bitter Sunday and never came home. Despite out tireless efforts, we have not found her. I am so pleased that my artist husband, Steve created this little 4 x 6 oil portrait of her last year. She disappeared as we originally found her-wandering. It is SO sad!  It's a very fitting and lovely tribute to a little "Lassie dog" who was the ultimate family companion!

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galway said...

I'm so sorry. How heartbreaking for you. My dogs are my family so I know how awful this must have been. They do say that dogs go to be by themselves when it's their time, and that they have a far better understanding of death than we do. If that was the case, then it may have been the best, most peaceful way for her, and was what she wanted. Perhaps that thought will make it easier for you. My sympathies. Carole

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