Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas! Onwards 2008!

Well, for an artist business that works solely on commission, 2007 has been a busy and rewarding year. Rewarding financially and rewarding in the knowledge of the joy that I create with my art for both me and for my clients!
The activities of the season have been a combination of mother passed away this year with me at her side and as I walked away from the hospital in those dark, early morning hours last February, I knew that another era had passed. So this Christmas, I find myself thinking "She would like this" or "She needs this" and just as suddenly making the connection that it didn't matter this year...but I shake off the doldrums, for with every sad thought is the reality of people delighted with what I have created for them. Today O know that my clients excitedly await the "reveal" of a Christmas Eve or morning portrait. I love it!
And with that thought I wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone! And let's make 2008 a year for dreams to come true!

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