Sunday, June 3, 2007

A morning snack

A client asked me to post this image of a pastel that I created because she "liked the mood." She said that it reminded her of her own daughter. That's what is nice about creating an image that causes a response in a person. I think that many times, despite what art critics think, the average person wants something on the wall they CAN relate to. Something that stirs a response, a memory, a feeling.
A statement? If a memory or a scene "speaks" to you, it IS making a statement :-).
I'm in Upperville, VA at the moment, listening to much needed rain on the roof of the camper. It took us two hours to set up yesterday evening and we watched the clouds roll in from tropical storm Barry. I understand that further east it is really coming down.
No one wants a hurricane but it IS and always has been, Nature's way of replenishing the water supply!
OK. I will be working on a client's oil tomorrow (if it is not raining) and will try to take some photos of a work in progress!

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