Monday, May 14, 2007

Creating a Living from ART


Beginnings are too long aren't they? Let's condense and jump to the present, today, and simply let you know that I am in New York at the St. Clements horse show with my husband Steve (also an artist) in a 15 x 15 tent with dozens of paintings on display!
Steve is a plein air painter and has quite a following among his collectors. I am, by nature, mentality and discipline, a portrait artist .

So, with our Corgi, Rosie in tow, we are camped out the grounds in beautiful Sarasota Springs and enjoying a non-show day. Been here since the 7th and will leave the 21st...long show but we are collecting orders both at the show and over the Internet :-).
Watch for examples of what we are doing here later today....too nice to sit here any longer!

1 comment:

Kpeters said...

I have long admired your business sense, and envied your having a husband that shares your art.....but now I really have to say I am happy to hear you have a CORGI too!!!
Yay for you!!!
I will be checking in to your blog often.
Glad to hear that SS sales are going well!
Cheers...........Kathi P.

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